Tube bending

Our well adapted machine fleet and our expertise, allow us to create complex curved parts such as 3-dimensional structures, spirals, helical parts and other complex forms.

Section bending

The applications for bent metal profiles are varied. This include metal construction, metal joinery, raceways, guide rails, decoration, architecture, building ironworks, stairs, railings, handrails, and many others ...


Our bending activities are usefully complemented by our wide range of machining possibilities on tubes and profiles.


We offer several possibilities for the assembly of metallic structures and pieces.

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The society
Homme utilise machine cintrage profile métallique

Established since more than fifty years in Belgium, CIMESAC became the name in the field of metallic tube and section bending. Our competitiveness and knowhow are both very well appreciated by professionals in this sector.

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Machine fleet
Exemple de machine utilisée par Cimesac

We attach high priority to the maintenance and safety of our equipment. On the other hand, through significant and ongoing investments, our machinery fleet is constantly evolving. At any time we offer manufacturing tools at the forefront of modern technology.

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